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Like a lot of you, when Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed by a left-wing extremist, I was disappointed. It’s been an ugly, polarizing campaign full of bold-faced lies and rhetoric; mis-quotes and bullying. It’s been especially hard out there for the MAGA-ites and this was no exception. Just one more act of senseless and reactionary violence coming from a frenzied mob of the tolerant and directed at nothing.

I was proud to see a Los Angeles homeless woman protecting the vandalized star of Donald Trump on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Proud, but also ashamed. This woman’s failure at life is all of ours to share. We’ve let our leaders ship the American Dream overseas in exchange for corporate profits and she’s paying the price. That is the point of Trump. That is the entire point. It was sobering to see one of our least-fortunate citizens protect the same Trumpian ideals and American First policy values by standing guard over a destroyed symbol instead of lashing out with more hatred or just giving up.

Then, like all of you, I was sickened when I saw this same based homeless woman abused and bullied by more left-wing extremists. The video is linked below. They don’t allow embeds. I was enraged at this video with nowhere to direct the anger, so I figured I would do something about it.

I live a couple blocks from Trump’s star where this woman is camped out. I was going to swing by and drop $20 into her MAGA hat–ASSUMING SHE HAS ONE–enough for a couple hot meals off the Dollar Menu at McDonald’s, but it’s not enough to get a coat. And winter is coming! I realized some of you around the US or even around the world might want to do the same thing, but have no ability to do so. That’s where this page comes in.

If you want to donate, pop it into the button below. Every dollar will go to this woman, that I can promise you. I have been extremely fortunate in life and want only to direct the good will this based woman has generated to whom it rightfully belongs. If she’s no longer camped out on Trump’s star when this is over, I will find her. If I can’t find her period, if she just up and disappears like 33,000 emails, then I’ll refund your money, but I would consider that a complete and total failure.

Thanks for your generosity and MAGA!

YouTube of homeless woman abused
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