Episode 5 – Dick on Sex Robots

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Jesse Williams, who recently gave a speech at the BET Awards about cultural appropriation, is half white and half black. I think it’s his white half that objects to “this invention called whiteness” “extracting our culture…like oil – black gold”. At least that’s what the bandwagoning, virtue-signaling knee-jerks on Twitter lead me to believe. Cultural Appropriation or “Stop copying me!” for adults is all the rage in privilege-checking these days. Does it carry any water? Not on the Dick Show.

Denzel Walkes drops by and makes a bold claim. Not only can he write a better movie than the Hangover 2 & 3, but he can do it in 2 months. I’ve heard bolder claims, but not many. Maybe he can also make the crops grow again and fix the dust storms and the economy. If you want to help Denzel in his Not Sure-ian task, hit him up on Twitter

I give my take on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s latest steaming pile of a forced meme: Rationalia, the new type of government where all decisions are made according to “evidence” instead of pesky inefficiencies like representation and principles–which we shamelessly culturally appropriated from the Greeks and the French.

I worry that one day, one of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s tweets will achieve a singularity of smugness that will draw everyone in the Twitter-verse across an event horizon of myopic elitism never to return. But then I realize South Park already did it.

Speaking of self-awareness, Denzel and I also discuss sex robots. Always the cynic, I don’t think they’re ever going to happen. You think convincing one woman to sleep with you is hard? Try convincing an artificial intelligence.

Chief of the Dick Heads on Facebook, Dustin Siniwa calls in with some questions from people who Don’t Know Dick and also a story about how he met his wife at a Denny’s, all this week on The Dick Show!

Finally, here is some sick fan art illustrating my version of the Trump inauguration. At least 60% of this will actually happen.

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Dan “Madness” Kosturik

This just in! The Dick Show Patreon has hit a new milestone and I am interviewing a babe who can read the news as we speak!

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