Episode 3 – Dick on Movies

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Mark David Christenson
Commedian, Host of "I Will Watch Anything Once", Lied about winning an Oscar.
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Get out your tea set and your white gloves and get ready for some Hot Goss. I start the episode with a moment of silence for the deletion of the Biggest Problem in the Universe website. A deletion that sent a great disturbance through the force–not the force of goodness and light, but the force of sick burns and rudeness, as if tens of thousands of hateful internet commenters suddenly cried in terror, and then were suddenly silenced. But this deletion was not the fault of Darth Sean.

If you’re looking for the BPITU archive mentioned in the show, you can find it here, http://biggest.thedickshow.com. And if you’re looking for a feed of the old show that you can use on your device, feast your rounded rectangle on this beauty, http://biggest.thedickshow.com/feed/podcast/.

My guest this week is the host of “I Will Watch Anything Once“, comedy’s Mark David Christenson. MDC is an expert on movies and Utah, but still manages to answer several of my interview questions incorrectly. Questions like, “What is the worst thing about movies?” and “What is the best movie to hook up to?” Will that hurt him in the rage polls? Only you can decide.

MDC brings in scary movies. I don’t need a movie to be afraid, I just listen to Trump and fear whomever or whatever he tells me to. If you like scary movies, you’re either trying to get inside a woman in the biblical sense, or you’re trying to get inside a woman in the Buffalo Bill sense because you are a psychopath.

We also discuss the rage of Happy Birthday Weeks. Children who have birthdays during summer don’t get to celebrate their special day during the school year. They miss out on all that attention. Luckily, fully grown adults have figured out a way around this by claiming entire “Happy Birthday Week” for themselves just in case you think you’re making your own plans on Saturday night. In the distant future, Unbirthdays are real and they are mandatory.

I end the episode by fixing Soft Talking. If you have a Soft Talker in your life, you’re going to thank me.

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Birthday Cake

MDC: ABC with a fake Oscar