Episode 57 – Dick on Ghost Guns

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The Democracy Gap, Cody Wilson: Ghost Gunner, disrupting the military, The Overton Window, my mom the negotiator, unsatisfactory citizenship, Larry’s Poop Chips, The Biggest Problem in the Universe trademark opposition, hot chick methadone, how to get into college, Poe’s Law, Hatreon.us, one big benefit of the homosexual stigma, business beanies, and Madcucks vs Existence #3; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Madcucks vs Existence #3 is out! Follow along with all of your favorite Madcucks-cast Media characters as they try to convince the audience that Madcucks has a sense of humor about himself in this third bonus installment! My brother-in-law says #3 is the best one yet. Listen to this episode of The Dick Show for a special sneak preview. But first…

“[Congress] should be in miniature, an exact portrait of the people at large. It should think, feel, reason, and act like them.” -John Adams

If that’s true, then where are the congressmen who don’t wear suits? I don’t wear a suit to work every day. Most of the guys I know don’t wear a suit to work every day, and the ones who do? Most of their suits look like shit, so where the fuck are those congressmen in shitty suits?

Where is the congressman who openly curses–or the congressman who openly curses, but does it awkwardly and won’t stop doing it? Where is the congressman who has a buzz on by noon every day and also has a shitty catch phrase about it? Where is the congressman who’s always trying to plug his Loot Crate affiliate code when he’s on TV? Where is the congressman who boxes people in the middle of the night because they got into a Twitter argument or who has a cat girlfriend? Where is the congressman who listens to Alex Jones but can’t give you a straight answer on if he’s doing it ironically for the entertainment value or if he “actually believes him” (because he actually doesn’t know)? There aren’t any because the exact portrait of us given by the government is a nation of smug, sanctimonious, sarcastic bullshitters who spend 99% of the day chuckling sensibly and the remaining 1% butt-fucking everyone who isn’t wearing a suit like them.

The Democracy Gap makes me a rage, and that’s why. Just like my dad’s problem of “religion”, it’s the stupid uniforms.

Cody Wilson calls in to talk about Ghost Gunner, Defense Distributed, disrupting the monopolies of the US government, a free-speech alternative to Patreon: Hatreon.us, the suicide of western civilization, and the most important question of all, is Cody a tits or an ass man? You’re not going to hear that answer on Piers Morgan.

Watch the Ghost Gunner in action on this video unless you’re MAN ENOUGH to buy one for yourself and watch it in action at home.

“Come and Take It”, Cody Wilson’s story of Defense Distributed and dealing with a bunch of guys who wear suits.

I also briefly address the latest news in my opposition to the Biggest Problem in the Universe Trademark.

Here is LARPing combat journalist Pim Tool, brought to you by KenDollInHide

And finally, here is the official Dick Show Crossword #1 by Chris Chenette. As for ten across, I could have sworn that the perfect number of beers is three, but I can’t figure out how to spell “three” with only three letters. Maybe it’s because I’ve only had two beers. Goodnight, everybody!

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