Episode 149 – Dick on Meat Dreams

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A meat overdose, the income tax and the theft of American labor, 50 billion robocalls a month, a listener bangs a little person, chicks who say “aw”, Tetris brain, drivers who just wont just go, breathing through your mouth, Jesus’ mom vs, Bezos’ ex, and more on lesbians; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
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Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
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Australia here we come! We’ll see half of you maniacs soon, and the rest of you sooner than later, but until then, I’ve got a preview of the merch available for shipping worldwide. There’s hoodies! Holy fuck, there are hoodies.

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The income tax is a one-two punch in the dark of monetary policy and deficit spending intended to siphon off the wealth of future human labour and deposit it into the pockets of a select group of bankers. It is as real as toxic masculinity and as dire as global warming, but it also happens to be real and happening in every country around the world with a centralized bank and a tax on wages. It’s the worst crime that has ever been perpetrated on a people, it is behind all the crimes that you picture to argue that, and it is and always will be the singular most important political issue in this country and every country on the face of the Earth and beyond. Math is the language of the universe, and therefore, alien civilizations have interest. Perhaps worse yet, it’s hard to make funny.

It’s also as difficult to make funny as it is to explain; a system so magically backwards and counterintuitive that it defies explanation. It literally makes no sense and in fact it couldn’t make to work, it can only be felt; the niggling sensation of dread and worry and FOMO, the feeling in your bones that no matter how much better things get, no matter how many good decisions you’ve made or good bad decisions, the abundance of credit and crap, and the march of war–no matter how prosperous the world seems, we’re left feeling like we just got date raped by invisible Cardi B.

That’s the income tax. But it’s not only.

Libertarian philosopher George Harrison once wrote, “If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet. I’m the taxman.” If only that was the case, it would be a dream, but it’s not. If you take a walk, he’ll sell bonds on your feet, and then sell ten pairs of feet to others who necessarily must walk to keep their feet up with inflation. Meanwhile, the mileage bonds sold against the initial confiscation of your feet will be given to a secret cabal of bankers who have taken control of monetary policy in your country after having warred with politicians about it for hundreds of years. These feet bonds will be redeemed for miles walked at a future date–only no one could possibly walk enough to reclaim said bonds in a day. They’d need their spouse to help them walk or they’d need to run. But if you take a run, he’ll tax your feet. Your feet and ten pairs of feet created by fractional reserve foot banking lobbied into existence by bankers. And now you’re running. Now you’re running to keep up with your own feet and your spouse is running and your kids are running. But it’s not enough. They need to make massive commitments to run through college and run for affordable housing and run for China and run for the middle east and run until their fucking hearts explode. And all the while, the foot money-creation system takes a cut. Bankers buy the shoes and control the weather and they know when it’s easy to run and when it’s not–they know because they make it so, and then they tax your feet.

The income tax is why everyone hates Boomers. The income tax and the deficit spending it allows and the unrestricted inflationary currency they have enjoyed over the last 50 years. They got in at the ground floor of the biggest and most profitable ponzi scheme ever perpetrated in human history and they cranked it until the lever broke off. But it will be okay. They will become old and weak and we will buy their vacation houses out from under them in currencies they do not understand. And we will endlessly tax the labor of their past as they have done to our future.

“Advent Calendar of Shit” by Elay Arson, the driving force behind the Asterios Aids album, who has a new album out himself right now! ‘Pale Summer’

“The Greatest Miku in the World” by aaaa.

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