Episode 182 – Dick on The Flat Holocaust

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Red flag laws, the Cyber Truck, couch cushions sliding off the couch, Mister Metokur banned from Patreon and re-platformed on New Project 2, Wired interviews me about Destiny, Baby Yoda, the language of love, Borat and the media’s effect on other people, Friendsgivings, Nick J. Fuentes calls in to talk about “white nationalism”, Flat Holocaust theory, and not beating off; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Not a Rage.
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Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
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Is a Rage!

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Presents! Big, big presents are on their way and I am 100% sure they will sell out, so if you’re a Patreoni or a Big Dick Premium, keep an eye on your email this Friday. That’s when the real magic happens. But first…

People’s judgement is right 99% of the time according to red flag laws. It makes sense that that’s true. After all, gun violence and the forfeiture of civil liberties is something that people take very seriously. Don’t believe me? Perhaps you haven’t heard about The Holocaust enough? That can be remedied.

99% of people are right all the time. They save exactly the right amount of money for their retirement. They start saving immediately when they get their first job out of college by investing in stocks that go up 99% of the time. 99% of people meet and fall in love with the person that they are going to marry and 99% of those marriages work out. They have beautiful children and are good parents, and they don’t do any domestic violence. They drive cars with no breaks because they don’t need them and they eat bugs because they are nutritious and plentiful. They vote for the party, either one, it doesn’t matter. And they consume content to a degree of satisfaction that is nearly infallibile.

“Based on your preferences, this content is a 99% match.”

They are never racist. Not even 99% of the time, but never. Those are the same.

But 1% of the people…well, they’re really ruining it for everyone!

1% of people have bad judgement. They laugh at inappropriate things. They don’t save any money for retirement; or they save too much! Squandering resources by hoarding them and subjecting the rest of the 99% to intolerable scarcity. Give us your fucking money! 1% of men are unsatisfied with their state-sponsored wife with her regulation tits and they don’t pick the right woman right away and they don’t buy stocks that only go up and they don’t eat bugs and they have college loans. They masturbate too much and their women need more attention than they got. They have brakes on their cars because they’re stupid and don’t know where they’re going.

They’re racists who breathe through their mouths and at any moment are ready to violently explode, because that’s how that small group of people who is everyone else solves their problems. Not like me, a sophisticated member of the elite group of 99% of people who are right all the time. Everyone else, the 1%, think only in terms of bigotry and hatred and big, big tits and new cars and there is no cure. They are trained by idiot boxes with content that does NOT match my preferences, and they spew bile and filth and pornography into the brains of the other idiots, jacking off the entire time to sate their urges and they’re everywhere. Everyone is stupid but me.

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