Episode 20 – Dick on Cernovich

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The law, the Bone Zone, my inner monologue, Gorilla Mindset, real magic words, Cuck-mate, sucker-punching, red pills, blue pills, and black pills, the war on men, Carlos Slim, what is a defamation, Sean gets asked his name, Dustin attends a Trump rally, author and free-speech activist Mike Cernovich weighs in on the Hot Goss and tells his own erotic story–almost; all this and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Have you ever ruined Seth Rogan’s day in 140 characters or less? My guest has. Lawyer, author, free-speech activist, documentary filmmaker, and Human Trigger Mike Cernovich visits The Dick Show to talk about media hoaxes, the law, the election, /pol/, controlling your thoughts, and Gorilla Mindset. He also weighs in on Maddox’s now infamous 8chan accusations. Special thanks to Don Chaco, Anthony Amendola, Dustin Siniawa, and the DickHead Underground for making this elusive interview possible.

Mike Cernovich has a vendetta against the dishonest media and the corrupt government systems in place that profit from the destruction of regular people’s lives. Remember Ken Bone? The affable fat man who dared to ask a question on TV during the second presidential debate? If you do remember him in the future, it will probably be as the guy who should have deleted his pregnant porn comments. Thank you, newsmen, for protecting us from the menace of Ken Bone’s completely mild libido. Mike tells his personal story of being on the wrong end of a lynch mob, starting with an erotic story that takes a hard right into every man’s second worst nightmare: a drunken hookup that turns into an arrest at the hands of federal marshals and charges of sexual assault. It’s one man’s experience in a judicial system where your rights really do end where someone’s feelings begin. Of course, every man’s first worst nightmare is the same scenario minus the drunken hookup.

Cernovich is a polarizing figure. Some of you will write him off as a “conspiracy theorist”, but before you do, fire up your Google machine, grease up your Wikileaks torrents, and bring a tinfoil umbrella because it’s raining conspiracies these days. In this greasy election season of memes and scandals and more doxxing than Howard Cosell as a ventriloquist’s dummy, it’s hard to keep track of how many conspiracies have proven true since we recorded this episode.

Speaking of what’s happened since we recorded this episode. If you’re going to be in LA on election night, point your eyeballs over to this Tweet.

Join the two handsome bastards below to Make Art Great Again Tuesday, November 8th when Mike Cernovich and Dick Masterson host an election night spectacular. No one knows what’s going to happen. Maybe a civil war will start, maybe Nate Silver will delete his twitter, maybe I’ll eat a book. Whatever happens, make sure you’re there shitposting into glory with the rest of us by putting your name and email in the boxes below. More information is on the way.


Dustin Siniawa from the DickHeads on Facebook brings in some questions on notoriety, and finally, here’s a sick ass thumbnail by Maximum Panic. If you want to watch Maximum Panic weave one of these 8-bit digital tapestries from scratch, check out http://maximumpanic.com/live


Tune in next week when Asterios Kokkinos stops by for a double dose of the Digital Cyber Demon and a bonus episode for all you Patreonis. See you next Tuesday!

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