Episode 205 – Dick on Multiple Women

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Bird and I are accused of being Antifa at a freedom protest, Andrew Tate Calls in to talk kickboxing and cam whoring, The Little Irishman draws all over his brother, Maddox calls me a rapist and a pedophile, what happened to health insurance, debts and liabilities outgrow assets, men’s entitlement, women’s ingratitude, the Hard Men Working Hard create a chart-topper, and dealing with LGBT parents; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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A new Dicktation is out! Join Sean and Vito and I as we watch “Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker” and provide commentary–this is commentary. The movie is really terrible; it makes no sense, it’s basically Harry Potter in space, but fuck it, you gotta get it over with. What else are you going to do?

But first…

People are embarrassed by lots of things, and they call it something else always because they’re embarrassed to say it. They’re modest about their success. They’re afraid of confrontation. They’re a filthy “centrist”, they just started learning how to play the guitar and haven’t really had time to warm up, they believe in the sanctity of marriage, they “don’t want to step on anybody’s toes here–heh heh”, they like anime, they were a tomboy when they grew up, this is how I look when I roll out of bed, I’m barely wearing any makeup, I don’t want to ruin the friendship!

What if she says, “no”? I would be embarrassed.

It’s exhausting! It’s exhausting to listen to, it’s exhausting to stop, to lessen, to temper, to justify, to defend, to aggress. The deluge of shame that pours in screaming torrents from every soul on the planet seeking a womb. “Beauty is embarrassing,” and the absolution is in absorption. Complete annihilation of the self and reintegration of the component parts into the collective. One more for Resyk! Just let go! Everyone will catch you. You will be nothing, which is what you deserve.

There is a tiny, atavistic piece of cancer in all of us that burns constantly, and it burns in some more than others–it burns in all more than others, when we go against the norm, when we are signaled that we are contravening the group. A sixth sense that we needed to survive. Stop yapping so loudly because there’s a giant snake in the tree and it’s going to hear you! Burn tiny piece of cancer. Paralyze and debilitate and survive. Exchange sex for food or else that guy will stop giving us food. Burn tiny piece of cancer. Do what we tell you or we won’t survive. But we survived. And the tiny piece of cancer did too.

Just don’t listen to it. It’s cancer. I don’t!

“China Virus” by The Hard Men Working Hard.

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