Episode 208 – Dick on Cuck Throat

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Maddox changes his voice to call Keemstar a Nazi, Digibro transitions to Digi-née and it is not a bit, the Libertarian debates, the future fights of sex robots, Ralph and Null have a big fight and then attempt to apologize, the cam wh*re controversy continues, Vito’s new Star Wars video is out, Screw Louie is back to Square One in The Virgin Contest, some advice for a busty Israeli with a butter face, taking things too seriously, my nose job, Sean doesn’t like Rand Paul, and the real Dick Show four-year anniversary; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Once again, we start the show in the middle of a gay op in progress! Keemstar and H3H3 are at war for attention and mutual destruction, and everyone hates them for it. I don’t know a lot about either one. From what I’ve seen, there’s little to defend on either side and no one seems to be asking for any defense–this upsets some people for some reason. What I do know, is that our culture is currently split into two camps; one that supports the concepts of hate speech, toxicity, and blame of actions on encouragement, and the other who believes that actions and speech are separate, and that the latter has a right to exist no matter what. We are currently divided along those lines by powerful forces who have enslaved us. The actual distinction is a meaningless one.

Anyway, here’s Maddox using a TalkBoy to change his voice and call me and everyone I know a white supremacist.

Go watch the video. It’s hilarious. And then spend the rest of the day asking yourself, “Why?” But first…

The monster is always in control. Whether is liquor or sex or power or love or hate or both. It’s always in control. It’s the momentum or the lack thereof and everything you can do to direct it happened a long time ago. I wonder about these obsessions people have. After four years of dealing with it on a near constant basis, and it continues. And it will always continue. Revenge, poverty, mindless cruelty. What the hell are we thinking?

There has never been anything so fun to do as this show. And if it is ever not fun or late or hungover or dead, the momentum will carry it through. I think that’s the secret reason for the trad renaissance; a waking awareness that there is a lack of divine external compulsion to drive life forward. It must be built, we know this, but how in a world where it seems increasingly difficult to do so can we do it? And it’s everything’s fault. Literally. You tell someone and they tell you. You tell them again. They tell you. The You stay together because you’re married. You have children, and the momentum drives you forward. Otherwise, if it’s up to you, you play video games.

But there’s something getting lost in telephone game. Not enough people are saying it back or they’ve got it wrong. This is the momentum.

The hate is in control, and the politics, and the drugs. Maddox is on a street corner reading off a list of every white supremacist I’ve ever spoken to, to anyone who will listen. A burning ball of molten shame that will fall forever into the core of the Earth. He’ll never stop.

Digibro is transitioning into a woman, Digi-née. I can’t imagine anyone rejecting this transition after listening to today’s call, but I know they will, petulantly and viciously. It should be painfully obvious to anyone who listens how tremendously genuine his decision is; the lolicon, the dysphoria, the gradual change in momentum of decisions from long ago that have compounded into a single moment.

It’s the compounding interest of it, the most powerful force in the universe. That and stupidity. They’re the same thing really.

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