Episode 326 – Dick on Near Death Experiences

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My Uber driver has a psychotic episode and drives into oncoming traffic, Ryan Long in studio, Kurt Metzger in studio, Dame Pesos calls in and drops some new stingers, refusal to wear the hijab, the kids and their non-dance music, an idiot tries to set themselves on fire, and women not trying to lose weight; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Dame Pesos
Host of the "Soyless Matt Show" - Archive.
Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
Ryan Long
Comedian. Internet Tattle Tale.
Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
Kurt Metzger
Host of Can’t Get Right. Skit Writer for Kyle Dunnigan Show Live, and Jimmy Dore Show. Twitter
Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
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