Episode 341 – Dick on backed.by

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Our web3 Patreon alternative has launched at backed.by. Check it out! It’s bankless, decentralized, encrypted, immutable, I’m going to start running out of words, so just go back and click the link! It can’t be censored. Ever. No matter what. Impossible. Completely. Even with a gun to my head. Check out the show’s page at backed.by/TheDickShow and join the Discord to meet everyone who has been working on the project. It’s been like a year and as I’m typing this I’m realizing that Pani is basically to thank for being the critical inflection point of the whole thing.

Also…a kindergartener shoots his teacher, my girlfriend drives too fast, loftipixels calls in and acts like a smart fancy person, I ruin an episode of The Biggest Problem, some women are fat, and I apologize for my comments on domestic violence; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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