Episode 374 – Dick on Fake Feds

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It rains at Burning Man, Maddox continues to meltdown, pronouns in video games causes a meltdown, a fat woman accidentally shoots herself, a plane crashes, some men are sent to prison, and a nerd talks about white holes; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!


Maddox releases a hit-piece five years in the making. And I do mean five years in the making according to the dates on his avalanche of screenshots. Maddox doesn’t like “nu metal”. And Justin Whang doesn’t cite the sources on his videos. Except when he does cite his sources. But it doesn’t matter because it’s all a 30-minute lead-in to Maddox’s coup de grace, an absolutely insane rewriting of the LOLSUIT focused on the “Good Boy of Comedy”, Asterios Kokkinos. Maddox has rape threats, canceled speaking gigs, fake doxes…it’s really too much to summarize, so you just have to watch it. The Spaghetti Armaghetti Part 1 begins…