Bonus Episode 1 – Dick on Dr. Phil and the American Dream


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Happy 4th of July to all the Dick Heads in the world, not just the American ones. Celebrate it with a Dick Tale to end them all: my time on Dr. Phil.

Not to be considered a cocktease, I finally spill the beans on a story I’ve been blue-balling everyone with for years. Welcome to the Dr. Phil house. It’s part Pee Wee’s Playhouse, part a shameless exploitation of the mentally deranged by a fat megalomaniac. I go into some detail about the show, the production, and the goofy shit I noticed behind the scenes.

I believe I was single-handedly responsible for causing irreparable damage to Phil’s brand, exposing him to millions of people as an idiot and a whore. What the show did for me was irrelevant.

What it did do for me, however, was catapult an unknown book with poor sales projections into the 288th bestseller’s spot world-wide! But that wasn’t Phil’s doing and it’s a story for another day.

My Life Coach also stops by and we discuss the American Dream with special Guests Denzel Walkes and Chief of the Dick Heads Dustin Siniawa.