Episode 4 – Dick on Wrestling

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Joey Clift
Co-Host You Should Love Wrestling and Official Garfield Tweeter.
Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
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You can’t spell implying without lying. Erstwhile on Dick, I address a number of beefs and speculations floating around the internet in the only way I know how: by encouraging more! If you’d like to throw some gas on the fire, send your theories on why the Biggest Problem in the Universe ended and what I could have done that would be so damaging to my personal and professional reputation it’s being kept secret ([email protected] or (857) 342-5746). You could win a T-shirt. I may not think rehab works, but I know a T-shirt contest does.

My potential co-host this week is Joey Clift, co-host of You Should Love Wrestling who blows my mind with a patriotic truth bomb. Pro wrestling is a wholly American art form. What if Mean Gene had interviewed Ahab AND Moby Dick? What if Hamlet put Claudius in a Figure-four leg lock until he confessed to killing his father? What if Jesus had an entrance song when he emerged from his tomb three days later? All these stories would be better off with this very American twist. Unfortunately, Joey incorrectly answers the question of “Who is the greatest WWE fall of famer”.

Speaking of America, I go over my Fourth of July plans with my Life Coach and caller Jihad Jeremy prompts a discussion on Brexit hot-takes and my thoughts on what will realistically happen when Trump becomes president. All this week on The Dick Show!

Also, check out these sick fan arts by Alex and James Callan, and many more in the Fan Art section.