Episode 11 – Dick on Magic

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Larry Bleidner attempts to read an Erotic Story, Morlocks and Eloys don’t mix, my beef with Marc Maron reaches a flash point, tech support during the apocalypse, new drops from Tim Changzzzzz, the light and dark side of magic, the culture of idea sharing, the time Sean and I slept together, and technical problems continue to bedevil us, all this and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Hot off the presses, my beef with Marc Maron has reached new heights of aggression and virtual violence as the world famous comedian and podcaster savagely attacks Dickheads on Twitter.

Will Marc Maron ever stop his war against fans of this show? Will Twitter put an end to his out of control bullying? I guess some men just want to see the world burn.

Speaking of hot beefs, Larry Bleidner comes in on fire this week fresh off a 3,000 mile trip from Graceland. How has Elvis Presley Enterprises managed to posthumously embarrass the King of Rock and Roll and hold our heads that much longer and deeper into the toilet swirly of glitchy, kitschy, Wall-E fatso, tech-fetishized, over-processed, over-produced, device-driven, lagging, dragging bullshit that is the ham-fisted forcing of augmented reality in places where no one needed nor asked for it? With virtual tours. Graceland is not Lucie Wilde. I don’t need an interactive multi-media POV experience of what it’s like to be inside because I can actually do it.

We also talk Starbucks, safe spaces, quiet rooms, and the culture of idea sharing. Here are some ideas I would like to share with Starbucks ideators. Writing screenplays is like whistling, and everyone doing it at a coffee shop is blowing Dixie out their assholes. Ideas are the currency of the future. And just the currency of the present, they’ll be systematically devalued by a central bureaucracy of that deflates the value of good ideas and provides bailouts for ones that are shit.

In other news, men are getting weaker. In fact, some men are so weak these days they can’t even carry backup audio equipment with them when it’s time to record. We also introduce the Man Scouts, our answer to the Boy Scouts, an organization started for similar reasons a century ago.

Tim Changzzzzz let’s us know when he’ll be available to make an appearance on the show, and sends in some hot drops to keep his brand recognition alive. And Dustin Siniawa from the Dickheads on Facebook manages to trick me into a 20 minute story of the time Sean and I slept together. It was in Europe. Things are different over there. Don’t get any ideas.

Next week, Joe Starr returns to challenge Denzel and Lowtax calls in to tell us what makes him a rage. See you next Tuesday!

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