Episode 17 – Dick on Clegg

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I accidentally share something, Joe Starr talks about winning an Emmy, I get a list of demands Black Lives Matters, Piss Whistlers, we play a round of Drunk, Sober, High with Jordan, David Clegg calls in to call everyone a liar, waut3rboi, my favorite quote, Maddox’s girlfriend doxxes Asterios; all this and more and this episode of The Dick Show!

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There is Hot Goss on this episode, but it’s not the Hot Goss you’re looking for. Maddox’s Huffington Post-style hit piece on me was released after we recorded this episode. I’ll be reviewing the video next week in the regular episode and giving my thoughts on it. For anyone following the drama, after the video failed to resonate with fans of The Biggest Problem–who saw through the bullshit, Maddox released the video on his personal Facebook profile, the one where we have hundreds of friends in common. Of course he did! He wasn’t getting the reaction he was looking for. Well he got it that way! A bunch of unfunny chicks got their panties in a twist around the sticks up their asses because they don’t understand satire and formed a Job Lynch Mob for yours truly.

For the record, I’m proud of everything I’ve ever written. If you are offended by it, you are the target of the satire. That’s okay. However, if you want to silence it by punishing me, you are the kind of fascist bully who makes the world a shitty place, and you’ll never understand why. Satire is a secret shared by those of us who are intelligent, open-minded, and savvy about the world. We know the difference between words and actions, thought and crime. We know that art is a hammer not a mirror and can be used to make a statement. It’s not always supposed to sell ads and books and be delivered processed and easy to swallow in a big trough so pigs can choke it down. Those of us who appreciate satire build the world and you live in it. We’re better than you. Go fuck yourselves.

As I predicted many months ago, The Job Lynch Mob that came for me worked! I’ll go into it next week. Thank you Patreonis for your continued and INCREASED support. #Morlocks

In this episode, I stick my foot in my mouth with Emmy-Nominated Joe Starr and talk about the worse fuck up you can make: showing someone something that you thought was funny–and it isn’t! Joe Starr talks about the urinal antics that go on in his place of business: Piss Whistlers and John Wayne Dongs. I read a list of demands from #BlackLivesMatters. And Asterios Kokkinos returns to The Dick Show in a big way with an Asterios classic “This Day in Shitstory”, which ends in a liquor-head breakdown outside of an Applebee’s.

I tell the story of how Maddox’s girlfriend doxxed Asterios, but my terminology may be wrong. What is it called when someone posts a private chat conversation on Twitter in an effort to harm your personal and professional reputation? Is it called doxxing or is it called being a complete piece of shit? I give Maddox some relationship advice, but I’m starting to question it. He and his chick seem to be well suited for one another. They both enjoy the same chicken-shit hobby!

Here is the reddit thread in question where Asterios explains everything. And in case you don’t like clicking links:

To all the Dick Heads who kicked Asterios some coin and bought his book, a massive GFY for the support!


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