Episode 16 – Dick on School

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Sean’s rates, the moment that changed my life forever, Pepe the frog, smelled-a-fart racism, peeing with your pants around your ankles, listening to your dick, AA is a suicide cult, “I’m safe”, how many downloads, Hot Goss and why I am the Joan Rivers of podcasting, things Sean has lost, a wrong stats, Spinach Smith calls in; all this and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Lettuce Jones
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I’ve peed with my pants around my ankles all week in solidarity with an American hero. That hero? Only the latest in a long and illustrious line of cartoon frogs who, from from humble beginnings, became all that is good and great about America. Kermit, Frogger, that asshole on the CW, and now our very own Pepe. A frog of the people, who rose to the ultimate level of celebrity in America: being called a racist. Feels good man.

But first, a feels bad man. Sean and I talk about painful memories of lost watches and public school.

Have you met high school graduate? How much money would you guess had been spent educating them? If you guessed about $3.50, you’d be right, but not technically. According to this stats, the actual number is somewhere around $160,000. For that price you could get TEN SICK JETSKIS! Or a night with Sean–probably. I nonsensically rant about the amount of money we’re spending per student to churn out a generation of pussies. During the episode, I read my precious graph wrong. The actual cost of education per student in the US is $160,000 over their entire public school career. The important part is the inflation adjusted trippling.


Source, and more dumb stats.

Thanks to Alex from Toronto, a hot chick calls in and ask me the hard questions like, “Do I want to see a picture of her?” and “How many downloads has the show gotten?” I oblige her on both, but I’m still waiting for that pic.

“I’m safe” attention-seeking grows as society turns to the Internet to automate being a surrogate mom. A caller explains how AA is a suicide cult. Tensions go unresolved as /r/Sovash is MIA in his never-ending quest to defeat and humiliate Dustin from the Dickheads on Facebook, and I give some valuable advice about listening to your dick to a man in Brooklyn.

Finally, sick Fan Art!






Joe Starr returns to wipe some of these vegetable men off of the rage board and probably explain to me why the second amendment somehow means I should be able to build and stockpile my own nuclear weapons, next week on The Dick Show!