Episode 15 – Dick on Bill Burr

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The alchemy of a bender, Hillary Clinton halts and catches fire, the black vote, my life coach’s secret Twitter account, Bill Cosby’s Democracy in America, I learn what is an AA, Denzel’s dream body, my workout routine, my reaction to Bill Burr’s reaction to me and the ensuing inception, the media; all this and more this week on The Dick Show!

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It’s not every day that one of your favorite entertainers talks about you to shitloads of people–especially when that entertainer has made a career of eviscerating the degenerate, but that day is today on The Dick show. Bill Burr reacts to me on his podcast and in the spirit of contest, I listen to the whole thing live. Did I sign Bill Burr up for Sensible Chuckle Magazine? Or will I be invited to perform an elaborate but poetically fitting act of self-harm by the podfather of rage. Watch the drama unfold if you’re a Dick Supporter on Patreon, or just listen to it and talk over it like we did.

If you want to tell Bill what you think, fire up your Twitter cannons and point them over yonder. Here’s the clip we played on the show if you want to make sure I didn’t fuck with it.

I recount my man’s rocket-like ascension to the top of the Rage Board from Episode 14 while Denzel makes accusations of asterisks and performance enhancing drugs. Meanwhile, Sean correctly guesses the exact moment those drugs took hold. Here’s a hint, it was right around the time someone started talking about an imaginary cat. Speaking of brain malfunctions…

I thought the most grating part of this election cycle would be Hillary Clinton’s maniacal, man-hating cackle that makes me want to put a drill through the side of my head, but I was wrong, it’s her Presenteeism: the act of showing up for work when you’re too sick to function and endangering everyone around you. Trump doesn’t need a new hairdo or a new campaign manager to beat this decrepit monster, he needs Abbott and Costello.

Denzel comes in hot with what makes him a rage: marijuana gun laws. I talk about The Happening and how Terminator 2: Judgement Day the arcade game has trained me to take on the National Guard, while Coach shows off his Rainman-esque knowledge of gun laws.

I discuss the adult time-out that is “That’s the Joke”. If you’ve ever seen the meme, you need to go to your room. Dustin Siniawa brings in some questions from Dickheads on Facebook and Denzel and I talk about our workout routines, pitting his Wendler 531 regimen against my 500 Days of Biceps. If you like doing math, try that Wendler shit out. If you like chicks going, “Damn. Do those arms go all the way up?” go for mine.

Finally, listener Lettuce Jones calls in with some insights into the show and the simple assertion that I need him as a co-host, something that I now leave up to all of you.

All that and more this week on The Dick Show!