Bonus Episode 3 – Dick on Revenge


The Wrecking Crew saves someone’s life tonight, I fix everything wrong with public restrooms forever, my life coach proposes a radical change to democracy in America, my man and I become nudists, a drug dealer insults my car, I get tag teamed by an oracle, a listener gets tag teamed by me and her husband, I give a quantum mechanics lesson, I try to get Sean a raise; all this and more on this month’s Dick Show Bonus Episode!

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The Dick Show, it’s the podcast that pays its audio engineers more than any other podcast. I try to investigate this claim–which I know to be true, but just like his ass, Sean keeps his wallet close to the vest. I guess it will take more sleuthing.

Meanwhile, you voted, so we’re going to fix it.

I talk about everything that’s wrong with public toilets and propose a radical series of changes to address them. Each one more realistic than the last. Maybe Bill Burr has some comments about that?

I talk about my first experience with a psychic medium at Burning Man who told me I have no soul. A fan sends in an Erotic Story for Real Men, but this time, it’s a woman! Coach proposes a radical change to our system of government in which people with a vested interest in where they live are the only ones able to vote on the laws and taxes that govern them.

Finally, a fan from Turkey calls in asking for advice on how to get revenge on a cheating ex who done him wrong and her partner in this dirtiest of dancing. We talk him out of it. Break ups are hard. Emotions are strong and confusing and can’t be solved by punching. We walk our caller through the steps of healing and then once we’re on the road to recovery, I give him some good fucking revenge advice. What else were you expecting? This is that kind of show.

Will my advice work? Find out on this month’s bonus episode of The Dick Show!