Episode 195 – Dick on Blowing Up

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I nearly blow myself up, Busby’s East uses the f-slur, why Russia hates us, Sean walks in on me in the bathroom, Karl calls in about bestiality, differently-abled models, I use the wrong name at a party, Ryan Long calls in, a guy who makes his own liquor, Sean-feld, Warren Buffet, how many drugs are in their system, and King Richard makes a prank call; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Road Rage: Los Angeles 2 Maddox’s Funeral, is SOLD OUT! And now I’m getting emails from people who waited until I “locked down” the new venue to buy tickets. I don’t know what to tell you guys! I said I would get a new venue. What were you waiting for??? I will see what I can do about it. Maybe we can nail some more chairs to the wall in the back. In the meantime, check out this bonus, BONUS crossover episode, in which Karl from “Who Are These Podcasts?” and I review a “zoo”-themed podcast “Zooier Than Thou”. Zoo is a euphemism for bestiality. That’s what the call themselves.

But first…

“They’re a hate group. They use the n-word.” And their legend was known far and wide.

A fearsome group of social misfits and degenerates and deplorables, who roamed the Internet countryside, ruining comment sections and befouling reviews. They were the enemy of “good vibes” and “a couple of drinks”. They said the n-word. They were the knights who said the n-word.

If you haven’t listened to the episode yet, I’m talking about the now famous Busby’s call, in which the general manager of the establishment drops the f-slur for no reason. I can’t imagine myself in a similar situation, tricked into saying the f-slur on a presumably recorded phone line while speaking with a representative of the mayor’s office. But I am smart man. I can delay my own gratification in the hopes of receiving a larger reward. I am better than this lunatic.

Speaking of, here a video of the call I received several hours after this episode was recorded. The part that is not on video (because I had to open Quicktime to record it) went as thusly.

Him: Hi is this, [name].
Me: Yeah.
Him: I hear you played a recording of me on your podcast or whatever without my consent.
Me: Hold on, I have to record this.

So we’re off to the races with another lolsuit. But maybe it will just fizzle out, only time will tell. Perhaps there’s a lawyer out there or two who can tell me about this thing I’m hearing about called tortious interference with a contract. And big thanks to King Richard, of course! If you’d like to hear the entire call, go here where I found it, http://asepresents.com/maddox-exposed/.

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