Episode 2 – Dick on Fathers Day

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Larry Bleidner
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Islam is a religion of peace and a political ideology of subjugation, conquest, and death. I don’t know what’s so difficult for people to understand about that. I try to untangle the knot in this HIGH ENERGY episode the only way I know how, by shouting.

For all my Big Ballers on Patreon, this episode was also the first to feature a live stream. This episode was not, however, the first to feature someone getting fucked over by delivery men doing their best Ace Ventura impression and package thieves doing what they do best, being human cancer. Package thieves should get their hands cut off. It’s like the Bible says, an eye for a $300 package of video equipment.

If you missed the stream, I’ll be posting it in the private Patreon section later today.

My guest and potential co-host this week is an actual father who drops some wisdom bombs and tells us what life was like when people still had fun. Sex and drinking are down in college campuses. Colleges better be careful or we’re going to start mistaking them for places of learning. He also has a Dick Tip that should be used with caution.

Speaking of Dick, here is some sick fanart from the subreddit of me as a Voldemort.

And from garethgra featuring my trademark swole trapezius muscles.


Finally, as promised, here is a very special message for all you Dick Heads. GFY.

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