Episode 213 – Dick on Something Awful

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New Project 2 is globally blacklisted by MasterCard, Lowtax is falsely accused of domestic assault and resigns from Something Awful, voice actors unite to get attention, how Mormon love is better than your love, Nick Rekieta talks Twitch thot lawsuits, making your wife get bigger tits, the secret of sales, the erasure of history, the NASCAR of nooses, and the show has gone off the rails; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Nick Rekieta
Lawyer and Dickhead Nick Rekieta breaks down Maddox's lolsuit, Patreon.
Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
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Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
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It’s interesting listening to Lowtax talk about being falsely and publicly accused of domestic assault by a young, clout-chasing alcoholic. Her proof? His ex wives also accused him on it. Case closed.

People are not that stupid, and yet they pretend to be when it suits them. When they have something to gain by it. In the language of the Internet, the meme for suffering is the same as the meme for opportunity. I know because I’m part of it.

It’s obvious to any outside party what happened; a lonely man with ailing health shacks up with a younger woman who has a substance abuse problem, because honestly what healthy, functional woman would enter into this arrangement? The outcome is as inevitable as it is predictable: fucking and punching. And in another reality, in a less opportunistic time, it probably would have worked out. It still might! But, in this time, it’s a craven shit show and an opportunity for Real Change™. It’s an entry into the extended Marvel Universe.

Sex and everything good, bad, and ugly surrounding it, has been weaponized by deviants, benchwarmers, and psychopaths as a political tool against the productive and the life-seeking. The most vocal supporters of its weaponization are the ones either committing unconscionable acts of sexual cruelty behind the scenes or hoping for it, waiting for it, praying for it, all day every day, so that they can judge and co-opt and monetize and co-opt and seeking personal gain and collective gain and thereby personal gain where they would otherwise have none because they have nothing to offer besides protection from a bloodthirsty mob. It’s a racket and anyone who says they care is lying.

The only way to fuck safely is to be perfect, pure and beautiful and weak like an elf with an energy drink, dewy eyed and virginal and accepting and monetized. This is the new American Dream. To win the lottery, and the genetic lottery, and to tell others how difficult it is. Or just be bad guy to start with. No one gives a fuck what I do in my free time. As they tell everyone around me all the time, you should have seen it coming. You deserve this for .

The thing I thought was interesting about Lowtax is his reason for stepping down from the Something Awful forums, that he built and ran for 20 years. He wanted to do what’s best for the community. It’s interesting because it seems like that kind of thinking is how you get into these messes in the first place.

I’ll post a write-up about New Project 2 and MasterCard this week. It’ll be at NewProject2.com. Hopefully, someone will learn from it and increase their killing power. Or at least people will stop giving me the same suggestions over and over and over and over… J/k, I love you all!

“Tears On T̶w̶i̶t̶t̶e̶r̶ NP2” by lakembra.

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