Episode 223 – Dick on the Testicle Hernia

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Fat Pig Friday, Sean’s WAP, amateur bartenders, women sharing your food, sound-alike racism, the have-nots vs. the barely haves, trust the government survey, a guy with a testicle hernia, Colony Siege, Zoomers don’t use punctuation, how to not get married, the “rock bottom” myth, clear garbage bags, real penis reduction surgery, the untested Swine Flu vaccine, and Madilox likes anal; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
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A brand new Bonus Episode of The Dick Show, “Dick on Racism Anonymously” is up for your downloading pleasure. The Fall Guy IQ test, actual Fake News, my “America’s Next Top Tough Guy” television show, Sean’s six million COVID deaths, reverse conspiracy theories, a fridge gremlin, giving a description to the police, testing women for being retarded, and Maddox’s self-insert porn quest; all that and more on this bonus episode of The Dick Show! Download it at Patreon.com/TheDickShow for only $5.

Also, pick up Colony Siege created by Dickhead Johnson Brown on the Steam. It has a code for Dickheads where you can play as me or Crippled Jesus. I think you type in “everythingisacontest” at the opening screen, but first…


There’s no such thing as ethical property ownership. Property is owned by the people and enforced at gun point. Therefore property is theft. It should be allocated each to his or her or xir need and the profits should be shared among the group equally.

Now what if the only thing a tenant wants to do is shit all over the floor? That’s perfectly fine and normal in a system without landlords. Property shall be divided according to the needs of the people to shit on the floor, and to play loud music until six in the morning because they passed out after shooting heroin. The profits of said shitting on the floor will be divided among the people.

Now, let’s say someone wanted to create a factory that made shitting on the floor. This is all fine and a normal and a healthy part of the abolition of landlords. Since privatizing the means of the production to shit on the floor would be unethical, and in fact the means of that production belong solely to the people, ownership of said production would be divided equally among the laborers as a function of their participation in shitting on the floor, giving them democratic access to the governing board that determined the rate of the shit that would be taken on the floor, the types of shit that would be taken on the floor–within reason, and a reasonable projection of the growth of allocated resources to shit on the floor as determined by proceeds from shitting on the floor (which we will no longer refer to as profits as economy in such a system has become irrelevant).

Now, imagine if you will, a world in which everyone can shit on the floor without fear of eviction or misfortune. Perhaps your asshole heals shut. Or your colon breaks. These types of externalities are a feature of a capitalist system in which property is used as a weapon against shitting on the floor.


Here’s the “60 Minutes” video about how the CDC made a vaccine for a Swine Flu epidemic that never happened and then didn’t test it the vaccine and a bunch of people’s brains got fucked up and then the CDC lied about it. But there’s a bright side. At least in the 70s the vaccine wasn’t mandatory!

Thumbnail of an amateur drinker by Corgan.