Episode 234 – Dick on Black Santa

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Black Santa’s backstory, steak big leaguers, humidors, a pro-life death penalty, new forever curfews, smoking in a non-smoking area, the new Animaniacs has no nurse, stepping on sap, The Great Reset, men wearing dresses, n-word rock, fisherpeople, a cheat pass for your wife, the misery divide, women on women in science, the furry art game, and more stories from prison; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Is a Rage!

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A new Dick Show bonus episode is out! And it’s chock-full of making fun of fat chicks, but not as full as they are! International Men’s Day, the violence against men police, a hoist for fat people to get out of bed, a fat-finding temperature gun, wine tax, at home liposuction, how I lost $50,000 dollars, inward trash bags, and Maddox unknowingly plays “Among Us” with all Dickheads. Check it out at Patreon.com/TheDickShow, but first…

The Great Reset is conspiracy theory that says rich people want to keep their money.

It’s a delusional, right-wing, white supremacist sympathetic conspiracy. In fact it’s insane. The very idea that rich people would want to keep their money–frankly, it should be illegal to even be talked about. Talking about it being illegal to be talked about should be illegal to be talked about. Next you’re going to suggest that rich people don’t only want to keep their money, but want to make more of it! Take it back to the dark web, Nazi!

Thank God only crazies and nut jobs could ever believe such a preposterous idea, that rich people want to keep their money and make more money. Just look at Bill Gates, and some other limp-dicked robot moron with a trillion dollars. They have foundations. Does that sound like something that someone who wants to keep their money would do? Have a foundation?

Next you’re going to say that rich people secretly put a cap on the salaries of their highest value workers or export manufacturing to other countries to fuck over the middle class. But do you even understand the logistics of that? How much effort it would take to create an overseas manufacturing complex in a hostile country with a language that rich people don’t even speak. CONSPIRACY! Next you’re going to say that rich people pushed through legislation to require Americans to buy car and health insurance–an industry that is guaranteed never to lose money if everyone is doing it and in fact created not an industry plagued by fraud, but an industry powered by fraud–but can you even imagine the legislative complexities of that? It would require the entire government to be bought off at the highest levels. CONSPIRACY! Next you’re going to say that rich people created an entire currency to keep their money and also confiscated precious metals or lobbied for their abandonment, or pushed unnecessary wars to lend against and thereby creating inescapable debt machines to fundamentally change and enslave the power structures of the civilized world. CONSPIRACY!

Real men don’t wear dresses and they fight for their country. And they die for it.

What do you mean, “Why then is it necessary to radio stamp and track every value producing asset on the globe–including human assets–and also create an unlimited and ubiquitous surveillance system across all levels of government and also digitize a global fiat currency such that each transaction can be manipulated and incentivized according to a system of values set by a computer that is only partially mimicked by high-frequency trading, but amplified to a degree that you cannot even imagine–that literally cannot be imaged by a human?” Simple. To make you happier, stupid.

Rich people are friends not food.

Here are the pictures from Blacklight’s furry art game.

A thumbnail of the free-est Santa by Corgan.