Episode 260 – Dick on The Biggest Problem Reboot

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Vote on the Problems

Sean is gone, Vito reboots The Biggest Problem in the Universe with me, “Buy the Dip”, woke marketing, pronoun resistance, Pokemon card scalpers, semen retention, a guy breaks up with his girlfriend, Jim Henson is unhire-able at his own company, the Replication Crisis, and Female Dating Strategies; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Is a Rage!

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This month’s bonus episode is out early! Usually, I try to schedule it at the very end of the month to manipulate people whose cards have expired to update their shit, but because Sean is on vacation, it’s out in the middle of the month! I think it’s one of our best. I really do, that’s not just more manipulation. Check it out at Patreon.com/TheDickshow, but first…

Vote on the Problems

I don’t think we ever truly appreciated the gimmick of “The Biggest Problem in the Universe”; the big list of problems ranked in order of importance from ants to AIDS. Ostensibly, it was a snapshot of edge-lord values, collected organically across the internet, a picture of the zeitgeist of the 95%, the people for whom everything is ruined daily. This is what we really care about.

And “Anti-Vaxxers” is what that is. Ironic!

But the voting was more than that.

I see a generation crippled by fear; an obsessive need to emote thoughts and prayers, dread and support and anti-support, at all times. A compartmentalized resume of beliefs and ideologies that must be tuned constantly to an ever-changing media landscape.

“How can you support blerns, When blee-earns does the same thing!?”

The voting, however, was one and done. Mad about Social Justice Warriors or the Militarized Police? Just click on it. Now, you’re done with it. There’s no need for you to think about it anymore. You did the absolute maximum that you could. You voted!

So go vote on the problems. It will make them all go away.

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