Episode 263 – Dick on the Return of Sean

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I wash my watch, the Federal Reserve buys America, “The Biggest Problem in the Universe” is funded and will return in two weeks, Mersh is on Alex Jones, Patty C Cups Lashes Out at me and Karl, what to say about your STD, more gay talk from straight men, blowing up the moon, and how to talk to girls at the gym; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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“The Biggest Problem in the Universe” is coming in two weeks. Keep your eye on biggestproblem.show and start retaining your semen now. You’re gonna need it. Also check out last month’s bonus episode at Patreon.com/TheDickShow! But first…

The future is in the lines.

See, the Federal Reserve can buy all of America. Warren Buffet can buy every farm. Elon musk can buy every coin, but the future is in the lines between them.

I propose a system of great buildings–arcologies, constructed two dimensionally by two dimensional printers, stretching miles high and sold to the population of the world at reasonable rates. We will look down over the country from a system of boarders that extends from sea to shining sea. Transportation will be done linearly. Life will be lived vertically. They can’t buy the lines. How would they make the maps!?

We will eat in between the lines. Between bug and meat. Chewing and swapping using smart contracts powered by the blockchain. Subscribe for your monthly loot box of proteins. Recycled food is good for the environment and it’s okay for you.

Education will occur between the lines, on electric buses that drive you to and from your favorite re-education camps. We will love between the lines of two-dimensional waifus and filters. God is in the details. Folded proteins are just a series of lines.

It’s hard to imagine what matters about black lives or what the white identity movement is trying to save. Just a bunch of lines. The oceans have been sold to the Federal Government.

“Get on the Bus” by Adam Theroux

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