Episode 264 – Dick on Lifting Cars

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Vegan pool party, confiscated talcum powder, Los Angeles is open for Juneteenth, three-hour haircuts, pandemic movies, women lifting cars off of babies, strippers turning 21, and long lost long penises; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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It was a close one. The American corporatocracy was nearly toppled by the nonsense of psychopathic clown; drown and purified by the fire of a thousand fat jokes, but thankfully, in the eleventh hour, with only two years to go, and with the mind-numbing drill of a trillion dollar scholastic media empire and backed by ever tech conglomerate and a plague, the American banking hegemony was saved.

God is on our side.

You wake up vaccinated and genderless and low-res and suffering inexorably, marched into a prison controlled by women for whom a reasonable person’s level of appropriate disdain is instantaneous vomit. You exist in this prison for longer than the average lifespan of your ancient species. The lowest value members–those with nothing better to do–determine your value system and choose your champions. Your suffering is sold as a crisis to butchers and psychopaths. Usury controls every facet of your life as the unborn are drown in debt. Dancing is forbidden. Dying is illegal.

The human operating system is now completely reprogrammed to devour shit and regurgitate debt. The Great Reset was over before the hashtag had even begun. There are no bad tactics. There are no bad targets. Nuke the whales.

“Take on Sean” by Alex Walker Smith

A dry thumbnail by Venom Artist