Episode 265 – Dick on Private Hookers

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John McAfee goes to Greenland, the FBI radicalizes lunatics, how to take a compliment, women’s Olympic weight lifting, Tour de France crash, Alexa’s “by the way”, mask piles, Doug Funny and white genocide, Lowtax is the internet’s greatest debater, wrong hamburgers, Chris the Kiwi’s private hooker, Sportbra Taylor wants a car, and episode four of The Biggest Problem in the Universe; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
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The Biggest Problem in the Universe, Episode 4 is out! And boy is it a doozy. Too Much Pride, Regret, Child Advocates, and The Minimum Wage. You won’t even be able to guess who brought in what! Watch the show, listen to the show, vote on the show, and tell us what you liked about it at biggestproblem.show or on Patreon at Patreon.com/BiggestProblem. Here’s to 104 more episodes! But first…

Superman isn’t dead! Didn’t you hear? His body is in S.T.A.R. labs soaking in energy from a yellow sun. Lex Luthor has his DNA in a secret cloning facility. Lois Lane is pregnant. He got uploaded into a Kryptonian cloud or some shit. Who knows! All we know for certain is that he’s coming back to save the day and he isn’t dead, so just sit back, relax, get hyped, get loaded, and watch the collapse of and destruction of all that is evil unholy from the comfort of your screen.

Did I say comfort and screen? I meant focused vigilance and renegade battle station.

In fact Superman told me personally that if he were ever to be found dead, he’s actually not dead. And actually, that’s right where he wanted to be, so it’s even more important that you stick to the plan of monitoring and preparing, listing and listening, and arguing, and arguing, and arguing until a singular entity climbs to the highest peak and pulls down the moon.

God is dead, however. The ubiquitous and ambivalent morality ingrained in our DNA. A phantom goodness pushing toward a positive sum, and then coping with the guilt. The existence of matter and clarity; a unifying and anonymous presence, faceless and compelling always. Forgotten completely. Lacking heroes and conformity, other than a tendency toward action and order, action and order. The evolution of entropy as it collapses into a duopoly. He killed himself, drown in an ocean of narrative. Killed by a system He created. And he’s not coming back.

Superman however… Two more weeks. Tops.

Thumbnail that just wants to grill by Berries ‘n Cream!