Episode 272 – Dick on Running Out of Beer

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A dog has explosive diarrhea, Never running out of beer, Payment processors declare war on porn, Australia declares war on foster dogs, “you can’t make this up!”, Larry Elder’s blackface, army medals, the Tesla bot, Chinese military training, fat women in the Victoria’s Secret mailer, big boobs on the handicapped, the work-at-home switcheroo, Afghanistan veterans on suicide watch, getting a vasectomy, and how to invest in a world that is cartelized by the only remaining superpowers; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Episode 8 of “The Biggest Problem in the Universe” is out now. In this episode we cover, payment processors, goth erasure, socialist millionaires, and culinary gatekeepers. Check it out and vote on the problems at biggestproblem.show. Thank you for your support! But first…

Was it worth it?

I don’t know, does it have to be?

I guess if the money isn’t worth it, if the chicks are all fat and not free, if it cost you pieces of your soul you didn’t know you had, if it was exhausting both mentally and physically and not with a clear benefit–that is repetitious, perfunctory, overly predictable and underwhelming; if it harmed everyone involved. If everyone involved was worse off having done it or been exposed to it.

If the point was unclear. If the objectives were ever-changing. If the goal became a quest to establish a goal and then justify it in reverse. Was it worth it?

Only time will tell. Decades of movies and marketing materials. Advertisements. Kids. Games of operator that stretch far into the future. The value of time grows as it fades into the past. Rewriting it. Was it worth it?

Dick Pics

“Despite All My Wage” by the Hard Men Working Hard.

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