Episode 281 – Dick on Jokes Are Funny

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Vito and I are assaulted at the Netflix protest by Netflix employees and their associates at a company-sponsored walkout over Dave Chapelle’s special The Closer; our signs are taken and smashed, I am thrown into a rock, and we make international news; that is the only thing we talk about on this episode of The Dick Show!

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Criminalize Sobriety shirts, hoodies, and tank tops are available for a limited time! Probably just for this week, so get them while they’re hot! I’ve also got new hoodie colors: purple, blue, gold, green, another color I think, but I can’t remember what it is, so grab one before they run out! But first…

I like jokes. Jokes are funny. Here’s a good one for you.

A Mexican and a bisexual walk into a bar. They are assaulted by two white men. Their property is taken from them and they are bashed against a defensive sculpture meant to keep the homeless from sleeping somewhere comfortable. At this moment, a black woman who has Tweeted hundreds of overtly racist comments about Asians is applauded by an angry mob for a message of tolerance. She is dressed like the pope.

Get it?

How about this one, an international entertainment company that is powerful enough to lobby the US Government to subsidized their bandwidth, sanctions a protest event on their property to mitigate a crisis of PR, and in doing so, tacitly admits that jokes cause violence. They opt not to hire extra security for the event or invite the police onto the property at the risk of worsening their optics. Violent thugs and criminals infiltrate the event and cause permanent bodily harm and injury to comedians attending the protest in defense of comedy at the behest of and in concert with said company’s employees.

Get it?

Okay, this one will really get you in stitches. I’m hurt, I’m rich, and someone needs to put a stop to this shit.

Get it?

Stone Toss Comic

Joe Cristalli attacks Vito.

The far away version of my attack.

Vito covers the assault on his channel.

“We Like Jokes” by Ken Doll in Hide

Thumbnail of holiday derangement by HeHeSilly.

And if that doesn’t work, you’re going to need a top-notch criminal defense lawyer in Pasadena.