Episode 280 – Dick on the Designated Virgin

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Youth soccer is ruined, a French Manicure military, Lizzo wears a tuna net, gay culture and the designated virgin, vaccine passport deja vu, Netflix stomps the trans resistance, waking up, paying attention, and the national divorce, and Brandon Buckingham in studio wrestling boxers and picking up Pokemon; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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The Biggest Problem in the Universe is now a weekly show! Thank you all for the support and for getting us above the $2,000/month mark at Patreon.com/BiggestProblem! I know if I was someone who pretended to be a banana on Twitch three times a week to make enough money to eat the from the expired meat section at Tienda Super, I would be absolutely seething and coping right now.

To celebrate, Vito and I did NOT record an episode this week, because he “had” to go to Vegas because he “had” to be at a wedding. What is it with weddings and this show? Find out next week at biggestproblem.show, but first…

People are waking up. They’ve been sleeping for a long, long time. Since the 70s probably. I mean the actual 70s, not the 1970s. But they’re waking up now. They’re waking up and they’re paying attention and they’ve had enough!

We’re here, we’re queer, we’re in charge of everything.

Seems like a better slogan to me. And consider, every day, that you owe a debt to the brave men women and trans women who gave their French manicures for the freedoms you take for granted. Semper fi, sibling.

Caring is declaring…war on yourself and your future. But it easier to pass Lizzo through the eye of a needle than it is to find a man who does not care in this Age of Anxiety. Globalization, of personalized advertising, artificial success stories, astroturfed grass roots celebrities. Terminally aware.

Brandon asked about it after the show, so it’s got me thinking. I don’t recommend it.

Brandon Buckingham’s “Wrestling in Walmart”. Watch every movie.