Episode 292 – Dick on Psychic Fat Bodies

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Modern train robberies, revenge on Tonga, throwing away food, women ruining media, double price chicken wings, homosexual German guides, psychology books, how to pick a bar, going to Greenland the best way possible, covering up on Fat Watch, and Maddox’s new video on children; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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I Hear The Train A-Comin’; It’s Rollin’ ‘Round The Bend,
And I Ain’t Had a Chicken Wing Since, I don’t Know When.
They’re One For Two, for a Limited Time.
But That Train We’s A-Robbin’
I’m Ter’minally Online.

When I Was Just A Baby, My Birth Person Told Me. They,
Always Be A Good Boy; Live in the Pod and Eat the Bugs.
But I Shot A Man In Reno Who Saved my NFT,
When I Hear That Bussy Blowin’
I’m Ded from I’ron’y.

I Bet There’s Grifters Eatin’ In a Homestead off the Grid
They’re Prob’ly Shooting Vaccines, And Having Sex with Kids,
While I Complete My Bible Posting, And Now I’m Born A’gain.
Having Meltdowns at Thots Online
Who Are Disparaging Men.

Well, If They Freed Me From This
Prison, If That Railroad Train Was Mine,
I’d Open All the Packages And Ditch My SSRIs,
I’d live in a House of Toilet Paper, and COVID Tests,
And I’d Drinks my IPAs
And Ogle Women’s Breasts

Thumbnail that you wouldn’t get by Berries ‘n Cream.