Episode 295 – Dick on Eating Bugs

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Eating bugs on the Odysee Games, Josh Denny is in studio to talk about his Black stepdad, Joe Rogan explains a “Planet of the Apes” joke, the War on Cancer, attack apologies and how to do them, my dad recommends new shoes, advice for an MtF transwoman, and balancing comedy and your girlfriend; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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“Sorry for saying the n-word.”

See? It’s that easy. Or like this if you prefer.

“Sorry for saying the n-word. Lol”

Even better. Or how about try this one on for size.

“Sorry that anyone who has anything inside of them that could be remotely called joy or a soul has to be beleaguered by this shit…the unrelenting debasement of humanity for ad revenue and politics, even at its more vulnerable. Rape, and race, and identity. Things that you have from childhood. It’s just numbers and clicks and thumb wars to these people. Sorry that white liberals exist and have warped culture and morality through a series of endlessly iterated etiquette standards from a position of privilege and power, a position from which and by the way, they never actually leverage to do anything beneficial for minorities. Sorry again that they haven’t done that. And I’m sorry that it’s scrambled your brains if you don’t see it that way. You have enough to worry about without getting trashed for it.”

“Sorry that everyone famous is a craven attention whore, so we’ll never do anything to fundamentally change the power structure in this country, one that legalizes abuse and usury, unless it’s somehow put in a pill and I’m paid to advertise for it. Sorry you’re too stupid to see that some kids will get shot next week or a celebrity will rape someone or a cop will fuck up, and then this will be ancient history. Sorry that people packaged your culture and sold it for millions of dollars and you didn’t get any of that, and that you would definitely have done it, but you didn’t, so you’re pissed off about it. Sorry for that. Sorry that your kids will be imprisoned by debt and live pointless, unfulfilling lives governed by bureaucrats and by artificial intelligence and anti-depression because you’re too fucking stupid to take a step back from the Skinner box of your life and drill the only truth in life through the inch thick blubber on your forehead, you fat sack of shit:

This doesn’t matter. This is a distraction from the only thing that matters: stacking paper, getting rich, and escaping from this jingoist hell.

Sorry for all that and I’m sorry I said the n-word.”

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