Episode 296 – Dick on Sean’s Very Own Album

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“Sean’s Very Own Album” album releases, a fat woman ruins my day at the dog park, the furry who ruined a pizza ruins something else, TikTok censors my video, Canada goes after the kids, Trevor Bauer gets Me Too’ed, and words women know; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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“Sean’s Very Own Album” is out now! What’s the point in writing and reading about it when you can just click play below. Then head over to bateatermusic.bandcamp.com to buy it. You name your price! If you don’t get a deal, that’s your fault. Email Sean and tell him what your favorite track was, but first…

“You didn’t see any Super Bowl commercials for money.”

They say laughing uproariously at their own cleverness, of which there is none. At their own existence. Reaching the end of the road and deciding that the joke is the journey.

“We’re going to the joke factory.”

They said before loading the family into the car.

“Make sure you go to the bathroom before we get in the car because you’re going to piss yourself laughing once we get to the joke factory.”

“Sure thing, honey. I’ve pissed out all my piss already. Let’s go to the joke factor.”

Replied some monster as she squeezed into a car that’s now worth 40% more than it was a year ago. And then they drive and drive and stop for gas and eat in the car and finally get to the joke factory and it’s an empty lot. But the Chinese midwit symbol for failure and success are actually the same. And they get out of their car and ask their wife to get the camera out.

“Honey, get ready for this one. This one’s a doozy!”

And she does a bad job of recording it.

“I saw a bunch of commercials for crypto during the Super Bowl, BUT I HAVE NEVER SEEN A COMMERCIAL FOR MONEY!”

And the idiot laughs and claps at himself, and there are a thousand different other morons at the empty lot thinking it’s a joke factory all saying the same thing, holding onto their sides like it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever heard, laughing and clapping for themselves and thinking everyone is doing it for them. And I wish a nuclear bomb would go off in their heads in Minecraft.

You do see commercials for money though. They sound like, “be all you can be”, “the few the proud, the marines”, and “women are doing it now too”. Unless you think those commercials are about freedom and not the petro dollar, but then maybe you have a joke to make about it. Even our money has commercials for money on it.

“In God we trust.”

He’s no Lebron, but…

If you honk in a non-honking zone, Canada will take your children. If protest illegally–if you disagree with the government outside of sanctioned agreement areas parameters, Canada will take your children and your money and your license to make a living and will eventually lock you in a prison camp. This is Canada we’re talking about.

The ad for crypto comes from the Great White North. A slurry of fascism and violence in the form of a speech impediment and a smile and a hair cut. These goddamn haircuts will be the death of us all. And the only thing that will save us is math.

But the right would prefer to lose. Because they’re money-pilled, in God we trust.

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