Episode 297 – Dick on the Healthy Gamer Suicide

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War on Canada, poop bags, FUD, trans closets in schools, the Disneyland retirement community, leg sweeps, Ralph calls in to talk about Portugal, Mr. Girl calls to to talk about Dr. K and the Healthy Gamer suicide; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Road Rage: Los Angeles THE 300!!! is in a couple weeks. Nick Rekieta will be there. Josh Denny will be there. Vito will be there. You will be there??? Only if you get tickets now at shop.dick.show. I think there’s like 5 left. I am thoughts and praying nightly so that my foot will be better and ready to break again by the time of the show. The venue is downtown, but we’ll probably be partying all weekend. I’ll send out the name the day of for obvious reasons. See you there! But first…

Here is Mr. Girl’s video on Healthy Gamer, wherein Dr. K violates many ethical guidelines and contributes to the suicide of Reckful a famous YouTuber. I highly recommend it!

Unfortunately, the worst penalty Dr. K might pay for this is the loss of his medical license. He’ll continue to grow a zero-sum franchise of sickness and delusion, training the wounded and useless to vampirically feed off of one another’s illness and narcissism in the form of life coaching and counseling. Meditation and self-guided time-outs.

“Dr. K helped me so much!”

They’ll scream on comment sections.

“I used to be suffering, but now I embrace the mental illness! I am consumed by it. Dr. K is life.”

I despise the pop-psychology industry. They are the same hucksters and predatory deviants who would be selling radium pills and arsenic tinctures in the olden days. Priests and self-anointed martyrs for a religion of one, you. Sobbing on camera. Suffering for you, so you don’t have to. Speaking calmly but firmly when you need it. Convincing you that you need it. Affirming daily that you are worth it, that life is worth it, that their courses are worth it, and none of it is.

This is just good old fashion folksy common sense meditation. Ignore the corpse hanging in the closet. No one could have helped him.

But I hate their victims just as much. The simpering and ineffectual children that have been rightly rejected by the un-poisoned. Black holes of attention-seeking and compromise. Men communicating like women. Women communicating like animals. The unrighteously enlightened.

“I once was lost, but now I am found. Ignore the corpse hanging in the closet.”

A mob of acolytes singing the praises of their own positive thinking. And the positive thinking of the broken and the indebted. The self-actualized and mobilized spreading their kingdom of judgement all across the land. Selling cookbooks and courses. High fives and denial. They are the most obnoxious and least abstracted religion and therefore the worst. The religion of the self.

Unfortunately, the worst penalty Dr. K might pay for this is nothing. Because no one really cares how he makes them feel good. Just that he does. And there are a lot of people feeling bad out there. And they deserve it.

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