Episode 312 – Dick on Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

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Women in white pants, hookers in Texas, wiping your butt with the wrong hand, heated streets for the homeless, greatful for shootings, Justin Bieber is paralyzed for absolutely no reason, the IRS is understaffed, and a funny song about fat women; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Download the newest bonus episode of The Biggest Problem in the Universe: Pride Edition at Patreon.com/BiggestProblem. We talked about gay shit for an hour. Check it out. But first…

It’s very important to people who are completely safe that the police be destroyed and that the menace of guns and democratized force be scourged from annals history. And the invincible need protection. This is the way. The young and the healthy need health care. The living need abortions, the poor need tax havens, the rich need self-worth, the women need self-utility, the men need self-care, the childless need to protect the children, the blind lead the dumb, the sane need the mind, the dumb: dignity, the forgettable: branding. Taxes are due, but everything else needs to be done. Are you waking up yet?

The culture war only matters because everyone is dead broke, so who cares? Why not peel the paint from the walls to see if anyone notices. Memes and pictographs and rudimentary expression with the self; communication in a dead language through a memory. “We live in a society”, but we don’t really. “We live in a simulation”, but not really. There is nothing to simulate. We live in a memory, in a series of asynchronous accelerations burst into a void of eternal static and repetition, tagging dead wallets. We live in hell.

Inflation tops 100,000% since the Magna Carta was signed and Bitcoin flounders at $20k. Aren’t you embarrassed? I would be embarrassed if I had any.

“Fat Girl Anthem (Ft. FatBub) Prod. HitPlayBeats” by Scar fet. FatBub

Dick Pics

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