Episode 318 – Dick on Chub Rub


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How to Stop Monkey Pox, my pirate bed, TV sex changes, dial 988 for suicide, running your A/C, sharing a stage with Dave Chappelle, the woman of the year, Abbott and Costello, conspiracy theories by ideology, plus sized travellers, Chub Rub, NYC vs. water guns, and pretending to be arrested; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

There’s a new episode of The Biggest Problem of the Universe up and boy is it a doozy! Join Vito, Steven, and I as we argue about SSRIs, Minimum Wage Slaves, and Pity Party Poopers, and jacking off cats. Wow!

And I’m also doing a Dicktation with Bibble tonight for Back to School! He hasn’t seen it. Probably none of you motherfuckers have seen it! That’s what’s wrong with the world.