Episode 327 – Dick on Lactating Individuals

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Where is our money, men in skirts and tights, a Mexican gardener heist, lactating individuals, the Tesla robot pooped in its pants, cyber flashing, the CIA attacks the Nord Stream gas pipe, Congress considers the consequences of a vote, Saudi Arabia saves video games, and a gay porn star calls in; all that and more on this episode of The Dick Show!

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THERE IS A NEW DICK SHOW BONUS EPISODE!!! Lizzo eats a flute, computers generate art and hope for all mankind, a doctor “helps” me go to sleep, a crew of Marlboro men that anti-grooms children, sAmazon Firesticks are slow, smaller doors, a day where everyone is cops, and clips from The Best Debate in the Universe; download it now or else you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!