Episode 46 – Dick on Camping

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Joshua Tree, my plan for Philly, selling t-shirts, folding tents, friendly Australians and their drive-by G’days, the true test of camping, “Sean answers”, Peach demonstrates how to hug properly, Coach eats some chocolate, bad wedding toasts, my The_Donald AMAA, Coach borrows my parents’ truck, Peach “finds” my diary, 80s girl saves someone’s life, more laugh tracks, Maddox’s book title: the Biggest Rehash in the Universe, and all of Los Angeles loses its Internet; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Road Rage: Philly Taxation is Theft is tonight at The Trocadero! The doors open at 7PM to accommodate all your t-shirt buying needs. BeeTeeBeats will be DJ’ing all the Dick Show hits. Over 300 tickets have been sold, but there is space in the theater, so if you didn’t get one, just show up with your rage on and your shirts off. And to juice yourself up for the big event, pick up Madcucks vs. Existence #2 available on iTunes now!

Scientologists have their Operating Theta Level VIII, Buddhists have their so-called enlightenment, Star Trek fans have their getting their girlfriend to call them Captain Picard while getting a blowjob, I propose similar test for the fully realized and enlightened man wherein you have to put a tent back in the bag with your loved ones and not scream at them and rage quit. I call it “camping”. A world war will eventually be fought because of someone trying to cram a tent back into the bag it’s supposed to be contained in.

Here is my The_Donald AMAA. If you were banned from The_Donald and can’t read it, then you should have thought of that before being a cuck. Here were some of the standouts:
16 gold for a savage ass-blasting.
Karma is a contest.

Maddox released his new book title to the surprise of no one, “F*ck Whales”, which consists of such new material as, F*ck Families, F*ck Slacktivism, and F*ck You. How about F*ck Rehashed Content.

One thing did catch my eye on Maddox’s announcement.

If there are any DickHeads who snuck their way onto Maddox’s mailing list, let me know if any of these “fan-meetups [sic]” actually get scheduled. I doubt they will because Maddox couldn’t organize a circlejerk, but if he does, let me know. That sounds like a fun place to have a next DickHead meetup.

If you build it, we will crash it.

That’s all for today, folks! I’ve got a big, big show to plan in Philly and a big, big hangover to will out of existence thanks to these DickHeads flinging around liquor like it’s the cure for being handsome.

See you next Tuesday!

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