Episode 6 – Dick on Trans

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Joan Ford
Comedian, author of Killing it: The Action Girl's Guide to Saving the World.

Summer Vacation
Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
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For Immediate Release, if you love Black Iron Man Woman, Marvel has a new slew of inclusive superhero reboots coming this summer. You’ll never guess who is autistic and who has mutant AIDS, so you’d better just read Marvel’s press release for THE SUMMER OF INCLUSION. Or you can listen to me do it because reading is for nerds.

Joan Ford comes in to discuss what makes her a rage: Summer Vacations. If it weren’t for summer vacations, we could get young people educated and off to college sooner, we would train a generation of idleness out of our workforce and be more competitive in the global economy, we could change the world–and also everyone’s favorite anime chat board wouldn’t get ruined with SpongeBob bullshit for three months. Just kidding, I love SpongeBob memes. Joan also discusses how to pick up girls as a trans woman and then drops a dime on Uber drivers, who apparently prefer trans women over Lyft drivers by overwhelming numbers. An interesting stats if true.

Dustin Sinewa calls in with news from Dick Heads on Facebook with news that my mansterpiece has been successfully checked out of a library for the first time in history! He also tricks me into answering sexual questions about my mother and helps a listener with bondage advice.

Denzel Walkes gets a title suggestion for his comedy movie, Sean flip flops on his “I don’t want to be on video stance”, My Fourth of July Fireworks are ruined, and Weird Matthew McConaughey calls in with some advice on Olympic Pooping, on the newest episode of The Dick Show!

Big Ups to Philipp Brodka who painstakingly transcribed the first episode of The Dick Show available here.

Check out Joan’s book, Killing it: The Action Girl’s Guide to Saving the World on Amazon, where you can see that Asterios gave Joan’s book the same review that he gave of mine.

Brandon sends in some bitchin fan art.

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