Episode 7 – Dick on Guns

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Joe Starr
Emmy-nominated Stand-Up Comedian, author of Leg Drop Digest, Shop Lifter.
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Belt-o-phobes, Pokeman Go, guns, Hot Goss on Tim Changzzzzz, The Rage Lottery, more trans issues, a caller asks how to meet girls in a world dominated by the Beautiful Ones, and Sean’s audio equipment fails completely and needs to be replaced. Thank Trump for all my Dick Supporters on Patreon; all this week on The Dick Show!

SJWs, ISIS, Black Lives Matters-ers; these organizations are all going after the wrong people. The real biggest threat to our way of life are guys who don’t wear belts. If I wanted to see 8 inches of fat ass bursting out the back of someone’s pants in a way that is not at all erotic, I’d follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram. I don’t want to see it while I’m eating dinner or ever, and the more prevalent sitting becomes in our modern lives, the bigger of a rage this will be. Only Pokeman Go can save us now. Seriously, wear a belt, fellas. It was the world’s first invention for a reason. Or at least explain to me why this degenerate form of near-nudity isn’t the male equivalent of college girls wearing pajamas to class.

Google triggers my rage with a brain dead form of PR-sterbation by encouraging girls to “code” an emoji of themselves. I guess “code” is now interchangeable with “bedazzle”. Whoever thought of this push should code themselves up a poop emoji with a wig and a business card for confusing the inwardly human “emotion” part everyone’s favorite portmanteau with it’s opposite: job, race, and gender.

Certified rage and Emmy-nominated Kentuckian Joe Starr is this week’s potential co-host. He talks about shoplifting LEGO and Honest Trailers. He then goes on a suicide mission by bringing in what makes him rage: Guns. I go over several pro-gun arguments that I read on the internet, and one you might not have ever heard of: gun laws make my AR-15 look like it’s had it’s dick cut off. That’s un-American.

Here is Joe’s album Heroic Effort on Bandcamp and iTunes, and his book Leg Drop Digest.

Next, I hold the first monthly Dick Show Rage Lottery, in which a random Dick Show Patreon supporter gets to call in and tells us what makes them a rage. You’ll have to listen to find out if you’re this month’s winner.

I address the third most popular question on the new show so far: why hasn’t Tim Changzzzzz been on yet? Dustin Sinewa, Chief of the DickHeads on Facebook brings in a fan caller with a dating question. Brandon from maximumpanic.com once again provides some dick-ccellent fan art by capturing the essence of my alter ego Peen Weinerstein in a way words cannot.

Christian Langton @thedeadlyrobot
Christian Langton

Rauno Kyngas sends in a mysterious bottle of liquor that has a prize at the bottom, like every other bottle of liquor in the world.

See you next Tuesday!

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