Episode 8 – Dick on Sean

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This week, Sean rakes in the compliments because of his stupid handsome face, I talk America’s newest past-time, America’s oldest past-time, how to win at Pokeman Go, Robbin (female) Higgins stops by to tell us what makes her a rage, Robin (male) sends in an Erotic Stories From Real Men, Dustin Siniawa’s plans are foiled, and I have interview the first Rage Lottery winner, “The Swedish Masseuse” Christoffer Hallin, all this week on The Dick Show!

Robbin Higgins
Comedian, Founder of the Higgs Weldon, Chemist, writer of Star Trek sex stories.

Boring People
Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
Christoffer Hallin
Carpenter, "The Swedish Masseuse": His touch will leave you aching for more.

People who are too picky about what they do for work.
Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
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You voted, I listened. Joe Starr, a certified rage, will be back just as soon as I can get him; despite his ridiculous ideas about gun rights. He probably doesn’t even think I should be able to own a nuclear weapon.

Have you ever had a friend who is better looking than you and who you want to push into traffic because of it? Sure you have, we all do. We all do except for Sean, the most handsome man alive according to comments on Patreon. To find out what I’m talking about, head over to The Dick Show on Patreon for hours of footage of the only audio engineer in the world that will turn your coaxial output into a quarter-inch input–if you know what I mean.

I bring in a tale of failure and surcharges that surround my brother-in-law’s cabinets and my incompetence. Delivery Fees and their Shadow Pricing that has absolutely nothing to do with the cost of the service provided. That’s where they get you. Little does Home Depot realize that if I’m stupid enough to attempt to DIY my own home cabinets, I’m probably stupid enough to DIY my own delivery.

Robin Higgins damns us all with her topic of Boring People. Listener, Robin (m), puts his Dungeons and Dragons-honed loquacity to the test with an erotic tale of will-power and stammering in his conquest of a level 10 squirter, but will it give your +2 Vorpal sword a petrification add-on, or will your boner have to roll a saving throw against flop-city, you’ll have to listen to find out.

Dustin Siniawa’s plans to set Robin up on a date with a lucky listener falls apart when Robin reveals she has a boyfriend and just can’t stop talking about about him. Dustin then attempts to quash beef between the Furiousos of Facebook and the Rageaholics of reddit by bringing in some questions from The Dick Show on reddit. My beef with Tim Changzzzzz, however, continues.

Finally, Rage Lottery winner and Dick Supporter Christoffer Hallin calls in from Sweden to tell us what makes him a rage. You’ll have to listen to find out what it is. It’s not Sweden’s out of control rape epidemic if that’s what you’re thinking it would be.

Here’s Robin’s Chemistry Video. I saw “Addiction” and clicked away really fast because it’s too early to think about drinking.

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