Episode 73 – Dick on F*ck Whales

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It’s a bird…it’s a plane…It’s the sales rank for Maddox’s new book! “F*ck Whales” debuted at #1,728 worldwide less than a week ago and has been bombing longer and harder ever since, climbing above 12,000th place as early as this weekend.

I go over how money works in publishing in this episode and why this book is inarguably a failure for the publisher, for the author, and for the audience. For the sake of a stats, I ran a sales estimator on “F*ck Whales” over the last couple of days and graphed it. Here’s what it looks like when the bottom falls out of your career-resurrecting Hail Mary.

Estimates from the Amazon sales rank estimator.

I don’t think “F*ck Whales” will sell 1,000 copies. I would bet on it.

Here’s the Lena Dunham meme we talked about in the show. If there was a Memey Awards, this would bring home the golden Pepe.

Asterios Kokkinos, red-hot and riding on a wave of hate, presents Crocodile Dundude!

Dyc3 and lakembra send in “I’m a Cuckold”.

And Hazencruz with “It’s Hard Out There for a Cuck”.

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