Episode 76 – Dick on Bashing Women

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Implicit and explicit misogyny, I am wrong several times, dopamine and talking about doing things but not doing them, I grade Louis CK’s sexual harassment apology, getting negged about the show, antics at a smash room, Diego saves Chicago, Peach gets erased from a Maddox video, Adam Panache calls in with a Cajun meme game, a caller who went to an SJW church, Peach has a problem with me, The Dick Show Album nears completion, how Tinder and pre-emptive opting out has ruined the world, National Novel Writing Month, Layc’s laugh track, an erotic story in a retirement home, and Sean fights with his brother; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Hear ye, hear ye, and hear xie, zie, and sheesh! On December 2nd of this year of our Lord, we’re going to have a Road Rage live show in Chicago at the Apollo theater–and we’re going to have it by the skin of our teeth thanks to my IMPLICIT AND EXPLICIT MISOGYNY. Diego the live show producer is in studio this week talking about the difficulties booking a venue for a show known for its “pissing contests” and “biggest bar tabs we’ve ever seen’s” and “Asterios wearing a one-sie’s”. He also talks about ducks and chickens and drops the most exciting Road Rage: Chicago news of all…Peach is going to be there! But first…


When I was a kid I had a favorite book. It was a story wherein a grotesque and horrifying monster waited at the end, and the entire book was spent taking great delight in the dread of the main character as they progressed without agency toward certain defilement. The enjoyment of the tale was partially because of a sick fascination with the predictably macabre, but mostly because the main character–a known and established attention whore, was putting on a flamboyant, choreographed and increasingly exaggerated act of faux protest that only an idiot would believe. The book was called “The Sexual Harassment Monster at the End of this Book: Starring Every Stupid Bitch in Hollywood.”

Wow! That’s a spicy meatball! Now for the turn…

I’m as explicitly misogynistic as every single man on Earth is implicitly misogynistic, but even I know that prose-based apologies for sexual harassment are worth the characters they’re Tweeted on. When you come to a dinner party, you should bring a bottle of wine. When you spill gin on a baby, you should listen to Dick Show Bonus Episode 14. When you want to apologize for sexual harassment, you should shove a dildo up your ass.

Unless you don’t really mean it that is.

The bible fucked up a lot of things–because it was written by an apocalyptic cult society that happened to discover printing presses before any of the other cultist whack-jobs, but they got one thing right: an eye for an eye. If you want to apologize for making someone feel like they got fucked, then you should fuck yourself.

Layc’s Laugh Track.

Here is the homeless library re-mix.

A thumbnail of women bashing by Nope.wmv.