Bonus Episode 18 – Dick on The Lolsuit

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Maddox and “Jane Doe” sue me, Asterios, Madcucks, and for $380,000,000.00. Madcucks calls in to read from the sermon of failure and tell us what he’s going to do with his winnings, Lawyer Nick Rekieta calls in to recap his video series breaking it down, Sean talks about his “hiatus”, and I try to stop Coach from getting high; all that and more on this bonus episode of The Dick Show!

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Listen to Madcucks’ character Tab Birt on The Here’s What I Don’t Get

Lawyer Nick Rekieta calls in. Here is his three-part breakdown of the Lolsuit. They are my new Mr. Plinket reviews the Star Wars prequels. I could watch them forever.

Thumbnail of me, The $20 Million Dollar Man, by HeHeSillyComics, who you can only find on Gab.