Episode 79 – Dick on Road Rage: Chicago

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Putting up Christmas lights, the progressive crapification of Christmas lights, and driving around to look at stupid Christmas lights, furries vs. cat ladies vs. cat cafes, Coach’s $61.00 invoice, Layc gives a crappy massage, Road Rage: Chicago and the minds blown there, “Thank You” cards, self-identification of hardness, Hollywood’s rape culture, what SlashBolt was going to say in Chicago, Fight Night: Kimball vs. Peach, short privilege, the NFL is NSFW (Not Safe For Women), Braveheart II: The Patriot, my drunk driving self-driving car app is already banned in the future, Malort, Asterios Aid: The Charity Album, and throwing up in Jujutsu class; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Everyone is physically back from Chicago, but mentally and liquorly, we are still in a state of Jass. Thank you to everyone who made the show possible; Diego for doing basically everything, Peach for bringing the class, Asterios for bringing the ass, Madcucks for bringing the panache, Sean, Coach, Madcucks: The Snack King, Alex on the violin, Ryan George for capturing the event, and especially everyone who made the trip to experience the Jass Festival. We are on stage, but you guys make the show!

I’ll be posting pics and video of the event all day, check out the Road Rage: Chicago page. The high-quality video is being rendered as we speak. It will be uploaded directly.

Until then, here are some pics!

Madcucks’ Thank You/Lawsuit

Now you know why they call me the 20 Million Dollar Man thumbnail by heheSillyComics.