Episode 80 – Dick on The Sounds of Spite

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Asterios tops the Billboard music charts for the second time this year, VERY FAKE NEWS CNN attacks me with violent alt-left phraseology, Kian likes Malort, my YMCA reboot, Eastern fetishization and a night of ten thousand bing bongs, my unstoppable Magic: The Gathering deck, Asterios’ $600 invoice, how to properly follow police instructions, the great Madbucks buy out, things I am advised not to say about a marriage, Wikipedia begging, how to wear the TDS Gentleman’s Hoodie, the Top Gay calls in to rat on Asterios, the meat machine, how to send your neighbors a message, and Izzy’s story about used butt plug returns; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
Izzy Nobre
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Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
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Is a Rage!

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It’s another podcasting first brought to you by The Dick Show. As of today, Asterios Kokkinos becomes the only twice-in-one-year Billboard charting artist in podcasting history! And the best part is, Asterios didn’t even have to do anything this time–except get sued. Check out “Asterios Aid: The Sounds of Spite”, a charity album for the legal defense of Asterios Kokkinos as he defends himself against Maddox and his career-suicide lolsuit, and congratulations Elay Arson, Rob Araugo, samglaze, lakembra, Siracha, Vistas, HMWH, kendollinhide, Todd Siedel, Steve Sax, BeeTee Beats, A. Nilphist, wauterboi, Peach Saliva, Jerry Driscoll, Savestate Corrupted, Common Miner, Grant Mooney, Kody Yardley, and Cuckcux; you are all now Billboard charting musicians immortalized forever in the Library of Congress (or at least until Chelsea Clinton gets elected president and sells it to Saudi Arabia), and it’s all thanks to one man: Maddox. But first…

The future of rage, in the year 3,000, will be nearly unrecognizable when compared to the rage of today; microwave beams broadcasting sexvertainment into your brain on multiple levels of consciousness from the moon while you’re trying to take your morning shit pill, spyware that encrypts your penis, so you have to install anti-penis-spyware on your grandpa’s cock when you’re home for Space Christmas, the #MeThree movement for women and their clones who were “Almost Raped”, robo-racism and reverse robo-racism. I’m saying that many things will change in the future, but one thing never will: cops will always shoot innocent people.


Meanwhile, in their never-ending series directed at keeping everyone over 50 from using Internet, VERY FAKE NEWS CNN calls me a “missed gynist”, probably some kind of alt-left slang term for “gay”, during a segment about Cody Wilson and Hatreon. CNN can suck my ass hair through a stirring straw. Their audio sounds like it was recorded off a tin can.

Here’s a clip of Peach bringing the class to Road Rage: Chicago with “Why Don’t You Dick Right”.

And the rest of us bring the opposite with Hazencruz’ “Just Touch My Penis”.

Maxwell Kimball and the Israeli Film Fund bring us “A Dickumentary: Road Rage Chicago”.

Dick Pics!

And a thumbnail that’s all about the music by Nope.wmv.