Episode 90 – Dick on The Dick Show Album

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The Dick Show Album is released and hits #1 in ALL CATEGORIES, I have an altercation with someone else’s neighbors, The Maddox IQ Test story, catching your pocket on door handles, a new working lolsuit theory, my life-threatening whale T-shirt, Peach tells us how to identify a lesbian, The Winter Cuck Olympics, Madcucks news, school shootings are not news, Sean and I get in several arguments, the “Who broke my toilet?” mystery heats up, and Maxwell Kimball shows Maddox’s breakup letter to 80s Girl to girls in high school who give their honest opinions, and it’s one of the best films I’ve ever seen; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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After a year of slaving over hot beats, “The Dick Show Album” has finally arrived, and along with it comes the invention of a new musical genre; not Hard Rock, not Hardcore, this music is just plain Hard, and that’s what it will make you. “The Dick Show Album” launched and within 48 hours, it was #1 on bandcamp for all genres in the entire world, so congratulations to aciou, lakembra, samglaze, Todd Seidel, and wauterboi, for this incredible success.

Listen to the album and buy it here http://thedickshow.bandcamp.com. With your digital download, you’ll get liner notes and one of the most disturbing pieces of art I’ve ever seen from Andy Lee, AKA CallofTheDeep, and also 40 minutes of voicemails Sean and I commented on from favorite guests of the show.

Or you can listen along with me as I listen to it for the first time on this livestream.

Here is Nope.wmv’s animated music video to stand-out, favorite track “5 Minutes” that we watch during the show.

The album is not on I-Tunes yet. I don’t know why that is, but hopefully it will magically appear there today. Cover by Clay Burton. Someone tell Maddox this is what a #1 music album looks like. But first…

Maxwell “The Silver Hammer” Kimball has created one of the most compelling films to ever come out of this show. In it, Kimball has a group of high school girls read Maddox’s breakup letter to 80s Girl and then give their honest, unfiltered reactions. The result is incredible. High school girls are like emotion concentrate, their hearts come in frozen tubes in the freezer section of the Hallmark store (like the orange juice); because it’s what they immerse themselves in all-day long, they have a kind of relationship reverse-autism that enables them to spot every single tiny emotional detail present in anything and dissect it, deconstruct it, induce the hidden meaning and determine exactly how big of a “soy boy” Maddox is for writing a disturbingly manipulative love letter to someone whose life he would later try to destroy. And these wonderful and very beautiful young ladies put their cold, calculating hearts and their 10,000 hours of expert-level love insight to the test. Then, Kimball shows them what Maddox looks like.

Said X-Wing of the film, “this is better than any Michael Moore documentary.”

Finally, looking like a not-slovenly dressed individual, Madcucks presents the “Madcucks Tonight” news program. Unlike Maddox, Madcucks actually gains subscribers when he publishes these videos. Maybe that’s part of the parody.

See you in Portland everyone!

Thumbnail-EN-b-c, by Nope.wmv.