Episode 101 – Dick on Supreme Gentlemen

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Boomer humor and their legacy of spilled popcorn, “Diary of a Supreme Gentleman” by Mumkey Jones, The Cassandra Bias–AKA why everyone thinks they’re smarter than everyone, Asterios gets kicked out of a bar, Madcucks vs Maddox, Thanos the Incel, killing yourself in Greenland, “Cool Cat Stops a School Shooting” and other gigantic letdowns, Tony from Hack the Movies and his rushed blowjobs, the Intervention of Asterios Kokkinos, incompetent tech judges, the five word challenge, internment camps, and why all my selfies are ugly; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Is a Rage!

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Bonus Episode 24 is up and out the door, kicking off heads and shitting down necks. It’s our best episode ever and if you haven’t had a taste of that sweet, sweet Dick Show bonus content, you should change that immediately. Cigarette TV, The Intervention of Asterios Kokkinos, Sean’s mom throws groceries at him, and How To Get Laid in High School. Get it now at patreon.com/thedickshow!

Then check out Mumkey Jones’ Diary of a Supreme Gentleman, a comedic, abridged parody of Elliot Rodger’s manifesto “My Twisted World” retold in the style of Jeff Kinney’s popular children’s graphic novel series “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” But first…

In this episode, caller Andrew from Eugene Oregon tells us that Boomer Humor makes him a rage. Well I’ve got a boomer joke for you:

Q: How many baby boomers does it take to screw in a lightbulb.

A: One. You just have to catch one while they’re not busy ruining the housing market, turning college degrees into participation trophies, deferring the maintenance of America’s infrastructure until it’s a dilapidated mess, stymying the culture of Western civilization into an endless time warp of reboots, remakes, and rehashed nostalgia and garbage as a tribute to their monumental egos that make the pharaohs look like Franciscan fucking monks in comparison, rapidly expanding Medicaid, Medicare, and social security while simultaneously lowering taxes for themselves for decades and sticking the next generations with the bill and the constant assault of limp dick pills ads so we know exactly what we’re paying for, dragging the national savings rate from 10% to 5% over two decades, not retiring so it’s impossible to find a job–but fuck you, baby boomer wants to remodel their kitchen, aggressively misunderstanding technology to the point of instigating murder, sticking us in Iraq for 28 fucking years for no reason and with no end in sight, staying in bureaucratic and elected positions where they don’t understand two facts to rub together about the Internet or technology or any of the platforms that drive a significant portion of commerce, industry, and innovation and whose future is linked exponentially with the freedom, self-determination, and quality of life of every living thing on the planet–and especially one that’s not currently busy blaming millennials for having a broken lightbulb in the first place.

My bad. It’s not a boomer joke until it’s plastered on a picture of a fucking Minion and then blasted out on Facebook account with fucked up privacy settings.

80 out of the 100 members of the United States Senate are Baby Boomers (born before 1964). That means 80 out of 100 of the motherfuckers running our country have fonts so big on their phones that you can read their texts from space. 80 out of 100 of the men and women running our country roll their eyes and say something that sounds like a joke, but isn’t, every time someone asks about an “E-mail”–or at least don’t want to smack someone across the face with a keyboard for doing the same. 80 out of 100 of senators who run the free world can’t explain the difference between a Bitcoin and a Pokemon. Welcome to the fucking future.

Madcucks challenges Maddox to the fight he proposed in Episode 17 of “The Biggest Problem in the Universe”

Maddox threatens the job and child of a listener.

Here is Nick Rekieta’s breakdown of it.

“Call CPS” by Ken Doll In Hide.

“Goddammit Denzel Again” by Savestate Corrupted.

“The Clap” by Savestate Corrupted.

“Shake Sriracha” by Myroom Records.

“Big Cuckold is Watching You” by Tolik-Fct.

Madcucks in an episode of “Hack the Movies”.

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