Episode 102 – Dick on Birthday Overhead

Donating your kid’s birthday presents to overhead, the importance of a sharable thermometer, why some straight men are obsessed with gay rights, Aydin Paladin on why women love talking in a way that resembles a joke, but isn’t, about “muh vagina”, Mumkey Jones’ book “Diary of a Supreme Gentlemen” is promptly banned, firing your dad, my grey pubes and nude performances, Clay Early rats on a chick who shat his bed and gives a shout out to my mom for Mother’s Day, Islam vs. Judaism, and Sean’s obvious solution for peace in The Middle East; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!
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Aydin Paladin
Social psychology, stats, and memery.
Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
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I’m at Midburn, boys and girls. I grossly overestimated my ability to write a post while in the desert. I’ll be back with a new write up next week!

Aydin Paladin’s “Why Aren’t Women Funny?”

Thumbnail that is a friend of Zion by HeHeSillyComics.